A Pilgrimage, on White Album 2

 ①「I canNOT go to Strasbourg・・・

Google Streetview. Most places can be caught sight.
Palace Kleber    Orfevre street    beside Petit France    Adolphe Seyboth  street  
  Station    a traffic circle aside the station    Hotel Regent Contade

is collective.
(Hotel Cour Du Corbeau is

If you see them,  may possibly grow your enthusiasm... or dim your touching sight...? I don't know.

Pilgrims can google with words, like say 'strasbourg', 'shop', 'map', 'hotel', though it's unnecessary I suppose.

②「Costs to Strasbourg?

→I went there, from 12/21 to 12/25, in 2012.
My sum cost was JPY250,000, approximately USD2,000.
(Airplains JPY100,000, Hotels JPY100,000, Restaurants JPY20,000, Souveniers JPY10,000, Buses in Japan JPY10,000, Others like a foreign insurance JPY10,000 )

You can halve the cost, by means of going in normal seasons.
X'mas forced me to spend more money...

 ③「French&German are beyond me, even can't do English well・・・」

→Don't worry&relax.
My Eng......Jinglish is more terrible than that of you, plus I can't mannage to communicate someone enough even in Japanese.
When I was at entrance into EU,
 「(Regarding my passport)Where are you going?
⇒shu, shutorasubuuru ni iki massyu.
(with a bitter smile)Purpose?
⇒To meet my friend desu.
⇒(with nodding)Arittogojaiyasita.
("What is this alien?")
⇒(feel awkward...)」
How embarrassing...
That was my second travel to foreign country.
Still, I could go and achieded my aim.

You can go with "money and saying merci"
In case you're in a complicated situation, bring memos & something to write with.
Adding that, just simple words work better than sentences.
If you were as charming as Setsuna Ogiso, anything should go well www.

Needless to say, French works.
English is okay for almost of people.
German is not very used.
My friend could have wanted to go to where can work German, we went to Offenburg in Germany.
Adding that, he said,
 "Setsuna's German greeting to Kazusa at the last in Kazusa true route"
 "too polite to work normal"...

 ④ 「How did you get there?」

→Having researched recently, I found the stablest route is, "to Paris by plane, and after that, ride on TGV" 

I went, Narita⇒Amsterdam⇒Strasbourg、by plane. After that, ⇒Hotel by taxi.

Other ways to go exist,
 "like Setsuna way, Narita⇒Charles-de-Gaulle(Paris)⇒bus⇒Orly(Paris)⇒Strasbourg"
"like Kazusa way, Narita⇒Vienna⇒ riding on sleeping train"

I reserved the tickets in the middle of November.
I arrived Strasbourg(Entzheim) airport at late night, PM10:00, should be paid attention.
Even Narita airport has deceiving taxis.


Local bakeries, Careffeur, and Restaurants.

can buy bottled water into supermarkets, Careffeur or Norma, but don't buy cooking water.
If you cannot manage to find those stores, to Kleber Palace , then to the store written "simply", or to first basement in Rafayette, a classy department store.
From this site, with magnifying Strasbourg map, you can confirm daily stores, like say "norma" or "simply market".

Restaurants are under the influence of Germany, price & quantity are much.
If you're Japanese, might feel insufficient for salt and not so good, though it's very delicious for me.
One thing must regard.
Many restaurants aren't capable of serving dishes.
Because of full of reservation, or taking a rest itself.
The restaurant my friend were eager was not open.
・・・It seems difficult to use local restaurants.
Restaurants for travellers were open, especially around the cathedral.
You're relieved to make a reservation for Christmas special dinner at ⑦'s Lohkas.


→I stayed, Hotel Regent Contades, which is similar to an outward appearance in wa2 CGs.

reserved in the middle of November, the same time at airplane tickets.
I must be honest. It's not good enough for me per fee.
I was satisfied with memories related to wa2 www.
(I prefer Beijin's mortel, USD20.)
[注!:As the same in ④'s airplane, I regarded only price, plus I don't know enough, not a good airplane and not a good room are provided.
As you want quality, early reservations and negosiations are need.
For example, in Vienna, can stay at a high floor room with tolding again to be sure.]

Hotel Regent Petite France, interior design is sameです。
I recommend this one, taking 30seconds to the place in PS3ver package

Hotel Cour Du Corbeau, Haruki stayed.

As a pirglim, one among three hotels is natural.
Or you're in mad with wa2, all of them?www

 ⑦「recommend place to go?」

6places, without wa2 pictures.

the Cathedral
Before the mass, can sit chairs down.Did Ms. Yoko Tohma use?www
The more inner part has a clocktower, a shop for souveniers, machines for memorial coins.
A stoll sells a cup of spiced hot juice.

the Christmas mass in the cathedral
The mass, from PM11:30, starts by a concert, something Ms.Yoko Tohma is favourite.
Search in youtube with 「klauszou」. Movies can be got.
want to sit forward chairs, would be in a queue at 22:30, alghough it's cold.
During the mass, a bascket for donation is coming, need small charges.

When you sing sacred songs in 3 languages, er............., try to smooth things orz..., by reading alphabets on a handed out pamphlet.
I prefer another mass, from PM5:30.
As a wa2 pirglim, the former cannot miss.

The upper parts of the cathedral
The upper parts command a panoramic view of Strasbourg.
We didn't go, envy・・・。

River Cruisers
We couldn't use because of the volume of water.

A specialty store for foie gras
 The store name is "GEORGES BRUCK"
This shop has a goose icon.
Here's a youtube video, but I cannot catch nor comprehend French at all...

After a chat in going-back plane, got know famous.
A can of foie gras, €18, is for souvenier.
The starting screen at White Album 2 also has restaurants and boutiques, that would be nice to drop in.

The menu is on http://www.lohkas.fr/medias/fichiers/carte-lohkas.pdf
On the PS3ver package.
Traditional Alsase dishes.

I didn't have, but limited special menu within Christmas eve & New Year's eve.
Depending on your luck, can go to upstairs.

Other models exist. Hospitals and shops for bandages...
Please search more......It's beyond me.

 ⑧「means to move?」

Trim & on foot.
Roads in Strasbourg are little bit difficult to walk than those in Japan.

 ⑨「Anything to regret?」

shouldn't have been polite, should have been more arrogant.
Taking pics or movies, I could have got better with a rediness to keep my presence of mind.


→I brought one iPhone4S, failed to take pics with it.
should have used it with practiced hands.

⑪「Anything good ways, in spite of in difficulty?」

→I have 2 points.

To go with wa2 clusters.
Compred with being alone, can improve safety, cost of hotel, information, baggage, et cetera.
On the contrary, it limits your capability to move on your will, won't fit with someone who can't do well with.
Especially,like me in ⑳, however my friend was a tremendous nice guy, because of alcohol, forgeting memories in my brain ,about pirglim places, is nothing but a tragedy...www

Another is awfully difficult...
To go with wa2 clusters living in Europe.
I, didn't know what on earth happened, but managed to get known one eath other,  went with.
I've written big on this page, but he had done most things.
Next to him, I was hither and thither.

...In actually, with wa2 clusters got skills for travelling Europe.

⑫「want to go to Paris&Vienna! Those cities are also on White Album 2!」

→It's natural that you come to think so, and can do, time permitting.
Well-well, I should've done...

I heard Vienna is better in summer, but is practical in winter for wa2 pirglims.

⑬「Other destinations?」

→I'm...to mention 5 places, though others exist.
Those are in Japan.

Narita Airport 2nd terminal
In detail, the Narita Express train (called NEX, http://www.jreast.co.jp/nex/ ), "Narita Airport 2nd Building" StationSouth Information desk(3F), send off decks(4F)Cafe CROISSANT ROYAL(4F).
There's a pdf map  (←unfortunately, Japanese...)
On page 4, around「南口1」or「発券カウンター」 is "South Information desk"
On page 6, number65 is "Cafe CROISSANT ROYAL", besides the corridor below the cafe leads the "send off decks(見学デッキ南)"

Shinjuku Station
In detail, Southeast entrance (can get there through this elevator), East entrance,(this place),    South entrance.

Shinjuku Central Park
The most fitting sight is from the edge of south.
(↑ can catch sight of playground equipments)
The place is for children, adults are limited to enter at most times.

Kichijohji Station
the station in the game.
This station has a pudding shop, Pastel(パステル).
You can buy the same in Tokyo station, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Ueno, et cetera.
(within the White Album 2, Humiaki Maruto wrote Rasukaru(ラスカル)

Sashiohgi Station
I haven't got there.
・・・This may not be a model, but Minami-Koya station could be.

※※※※※ ※※※※※
supplementary about ⑬

Models, concerning about wa2's high school & univ, aren't be able to determine.
Because several private univs and their attached high schools are the models.
Waseda, Keio-Gijuku, Johchi, Hosei, Rikkyo, Seikei, et cetera...

In Japanese Univs, Waseda & Meiji have a fuculty of political economy.
Now, a fictional Meisei Univ is on Promise In the Blue Sky, which is from Meiji and Aoyama-Gakuin.
Besides, it takes 10 minutes on foot, fromToyama school buildings which have faculty of litteraure, to Waseda school buildings which have faculty of political economy.
Waseda is conventionally strong on theatricals, has a memorial theatrical hall.
One large building among Toyama school buildings is the student union building, which has some spaces to be stages&wings for theatricals, from a commentary on the building.
Waseda also has fuculty of education, which is the model Ako Sonoda enter.
Especially, only Waseda & Aoyama-gakuin have fuculty of education among Tokyo's reliable

 private universities.
So, Waseda must be one convincing model.

Keio-Gijuku has a fuculty of medical, which is one of most authoritative in Japan.
Keio-Gijuku also has one attached elementary school, Keio-Yochisya.
The aristocracy-like elementary school can be admitted to enter through only backdoor way judged by not only wealth but also his family social standing .
It's an open secret, surely the elementary school grow talented people, like say Ken Sakamura.
On WA2, Mihoko Yada is entered from a kindergarden modeled from the silverspooned elementary school.
Keio-Gijuku also has attached junior-high schools & attached highschools.
They're much easier to enter than to do from Keio-Yochisya, but as a consequence, like Ako Sonoda, wealty children are gathered.
Discribing students' wealthy lives on WA2 is not exaggerated at all, rather repressed.
You may well sympathize with Koharu and her conditions which force her to earn money for her trip.
(...To tell the truth, I regreted entering the Univ, because I had neither enough money nor family social standing.)
……On the other hand, I must add one thing, contrary to ever I mentioned.
On Parfait, there is Yatsubashi univ, it is said that Hitotsubashi univ is the model.
However, the main character on Parfait, Hitoshi Takamura, says the entrance exam to the faculty of economics of Yatsubashi univ prepares to write a composition in English.
Actually, the faculty of economics of Keio-Gijuku univ does have such an English test.
...So, Keio-Gijuku might not be the model on WA2.
......Now, I would like to say at least the faculty of medical is the model.

Johchi has a fuculty of foreign languages, the model Sayuri Shimizu enter.

At Hosei, I heard some blds are very similar to composition of CG where Chiaki used to put on a play, but couldn't get confirmed by myself because of my lack of connection...
This univ is for provincials, though I, too country cousin, cannot become even such class. 

Er,while I walked Rikkyo Univ, I simply felt similar to WA2's univ backgrounds, especially its atmosphere is.
The univ ALSO has attached highschools & junior-high, similar to Keio...(boooooooooo)

Seikei is very similar to Keio, for de facto aristocrats.
The present JP primeminister, Shinzo Abe graduated the univ.
It is the nearest from Kichijo-ji station, a model on WA2 CGs.

If you're also interested in Parfait or NG-love, Nanzan univ or what is called SSK in Nagoya can be models about Ed institutions.
Ah, for example, entering Kinjoh(←it means "GOLD castle") univ, from univ is called"gilding", from kindergarden is called "pure gold"
The episode may have influenced to some stories, ...Chiaki route in particular.
Mr. Humiaki Maruto lives in Nagoya.
(Nagoya men are ...how could I say?ultra-honesty? don't know...)]

At last, perdon to let myself assume roughly...
I guess, Waseda univ & the faculty of medical in Keio univ,would be similar.
should choose your favorite univs, and devote yourself to your delusion ...(><)
※※※※※ ※※※※※


→Roughly speaking, just need money and your passport.

Other goods are...printed papers (for hotels&flights, a copy of passport, foreign insurance), a smartphone, a camera, a video camera,a transformer to charge batteries, pocket body warmers, call numbers to embassy on a memo, handkerchieves, tissue papers, plastic bags for garbage, et cetera...

can reduce them, and make them within one bag.
I brought heavy presents, couldn't do so...

Er, you don't have to violate rules intentionally, but it's O.K.le within a suitcase in spite of a little bit dangerous goods.

⑮「How about your internet?」

→First of all, I heard that Strasbourg has free wi-fi spots now.

I used wi-fi from the Hotel, which can get the password receipt by asking check-in counter.

You need your smartphone or tablet, because you should complete a online check-in,I guess.
On the other hand, as one hundreds-travelled person's view,  he said "I'm off-line at most of the time during my travel. Some troubles occured, but fatal one has never occured. Don't cling to internet. You'd rather enjoy yourself."

⑯「What kind of clothes were you wearing?」

→I wanted to mimic Haruki Kitahara, with a business suit, an overcoat, &a leather shoes.
Felt cold...

⑰「How should I do in my flight?」

→... I wonder if I can write something persuadable. I haven't traveld many times......

At first, around 30minutes for a take-off & a landing, keep string & be cooperative with cabin attendants.

After that, relax yourself, take your shoes&socks off.

Since can get a restroom easily, aisle seats would be better.
After your first meal service, try to sleep if possible.
Then, pay attention not to be stolen sth worth.
Bring some pocket warmers into plane.
I spent 12hours in a severe seat, getting mild&cold wind directly.
Without pocket warmers, must have caught cold.
If you cannot sleep well, like me at a transit airport, you must be waiting in a dangerous & defenseless situation.

⑱「Climate &Temmperature?」

→It's severely cold.
It was just warm by chance when I went, snow had melt away.
But, a week ago at that time, there existed a lot of snow.
Even in such hot temperature, one japanese tourist said,"Cold..."
Giving a concrete example, when I reserved plane tickets around the middle of November, the low temperature was minus 13 degrees Cersius, the high temperature was 0 degrees Cersius.

⑲「The atmosphere at Strasbourg?」

Loose and warm. It is a good meaning.

It's a classic city.
If you were to want dicipline, cleanness, &preciseness like in Japan,  you must be joking www.

(For instance, a ticket machine in Strasbourg station worked toooo slowly.
Another machine in Germany worked quicker than that in Japan.)
Having been infuenced Germany, Strasbourg has little sth splendid like Paris in 1920s.

That is the very strongest advantage that the city has an atmosphere, for handmaded, for joyful, to both residents and travellers, and whole of city.
Is it a too exaggerated saying?...but my view for life has changed.

⑳「Do you have some subtle advices?」

I didn't find a public restroom.

From google, near the biggest Stasbourg station, there's a charge toilet.
 In a serious situation, search an eating house, order rapidly , then to the toilet.

Pay attention to lack of stamina because of long flight&time difference, please.
Stamina is just needed to enjoy something.

Concerning about number㉓, somebody comes to think, "Why were you travelling so lazily? Wasteful..."
That's why my condition was worst.
Roughly speaking, my body didn't work enough then.
Lots of Alcohol, a difference in time, a long flight, eating toooo much than usual...
I managed to overcome, but got a herpes zoster after the travel.
Take care of yourself in the travel, with a small wit.

㉑「Unexpected useful goods?」

Disposal Goods, small articles I don't mind to be lost.
Pocket body warmers, disposal wooden chopsticks, paper tissues, slippers, small papers to take a memorandum&a ball-point pen, threadbare underwares.

Another must be mentioned.
I heard ,without an accident foreign insurance, in case you're in a fatal situation, you should die...It's not a joke.

㉒「Other sights to see, unconcerned to pirglim?」

→Well-well...don't know enough, but mention 2 places.
The EU parliament, suburb of Strasbourg.
can go by trim.
With a relation to that, Strasbourg has ENA's buildings.

Another place is, though it takes 40km, BadenBaden in Germany, where is famous for hot springs.
We couldn't go as all rooms are reserved.

Guidebooks for trip, or trip-adviser will show you, I suppose...

㉓「Your detail in the travel, plz!」

→I cannot remember…It is too uncertain.

『12/20PM6:00 Left my hometown. By night bus,12/21AM7:00 Arrived Narita Airport』
『Pilgrimed Narita 2nd terminal building, especially the train station, the send off deck, the coffee shop, the information desk in south』
『12/21AM9:30 moved 1st terminal, check-in, procedures for embarkation』
『12/21AM12:00 plane took off』
『12/21PM1:00 airplane meal 12/21PM9:00 airplane meal』

『after 12 hours flight,arrived12/21PM3:00,which is Amsterdam&Strasbourg time』
『got lost & took an hour to find EU entrance gates』
『PM4:00 reached boarding gate for Strasbourg. Killed time about 4 hours』
『12/21PM8:20 plane took off, PM9:30 arrived Strasbourg airport』
『greeted my friend, wa2 cluster』
『A trouble occured, my suitcase went to wrong place, wasted an hour(Owing to that, missed last train from airprt station to Strasbourg station)』
『got on taxi 30minutes, arrived hotel』
『Got alcohol, bath, 12/22AM1:00 fallen asleep』

『12/22AM8:00 got up, went to a local bakely, went back to hotel』
『AM10:00 started to search wa2 CG backgrounds. AM2:00, almost done, walked 15km, made memorial coins inside the cathedral, bought cans of foie gras as souvenirs』
『PM3:00, went to buy bottled-water&something to eat』
『PM4:00 went back hotel, took a rest 』
『PM6:00, in a little rain, to restrant for dinner, however denied over 2 hours, at last 8th restaurant is okay』
『PM10:00, went back hotel, took a bath, do nothing special, 12/23AM2:00 fallen asleep』

『until 12/23AM10:00, having fatigue, restoring my stamina』
『AM10:00, started to search the place on a package pic, AM12:30 lunch, PM5:05 managed to find, with taking a walk about 30km』
『AM6:00 went to Offenburg, had dinner』
『PM9:00 went Strasbourg back』
『went back hotel, got alcohol, 12/24AM3:00 fallen asleep』

『12/24AM12:00, got up』
『Until PM4:30, wandering around the town without a particular purpose』
『PM5:00, first Christmas mass in the Cathedral』
『PM7:00, went back hotel for a rest』
『PM10:30, in queues for second mass』
『PM11:30, second Christmas mass in the Cathedral』
『12/25AM1:30, went back hotel, took a bath, to bed』

『12/25AM11:00 got up』
『PM2:00 a restaurant "Lohkas"』
『PM3:00~PM7:00 went the EU parliament』
『PM9:00 a restaurant near the cathedral』
『Bath PM11:00 fallen asleep』

『12/26AM8:00 got up AM9:30 checked my hotel out』
『used my foot & trims, to Strasbourg station』
『said sayonara to my friend, he was going to Paris』
『AM10:45, train departured to Strasbourg airport station』
『AM11:00, check-in, procedures for embarkation』
『AM12:00, plane took off』
『PM1:20 arrived Amsterdam』
『because my taking off is in an hour, moved as fast as I can, went through EU departure gates, got boarding procedures&badgage checks besides boarding gates』
『PM2:30, plane took off』
『2 airplane meals with the same way as that in goin' airplane. got tired, didn't sleep at all』

『after 12 hour's flight, JST12/27AM10:30, arrived Narita』
『terrible fatigue brought me wasted 5hours in Narita.』
『through the kindness of my friend, stayed his house』

That's all as far as I can remind.

㉔「How much time do I need?」

At least 3 hours for only seeing backgrounds, with enough information, I assume.
If you can't miss two masses & restaurants, need 2 days.

㉕「Tell your real state, plz」

→Reverse under sentences, though they're about something 'too boring'.

It's too frank, but, I couldn't imagine to go, moreover I cannot remember because of alcohol

I came to think seriously the way to Strasbourg at the last days of Octorber.
Until then, dubiously.

My initial beginning was having used twitter, as a chat tool with two Chinese friends when White Album 2 was in store.
2 months later, one of two friends was gathering a pirglim person.
I tweeted I may go, with just a light expression.

After those, the friend appearedto have been in a small trouble.
I guessed our only tweeted promise has gone.

Octorber, suddenly, he tweeted to me.
Having replied, I made up my mind, "I shall go"

After that, I didn't know what to do, but reached Strasbourg on Dec.21th.

...So, I ought to say sorry to true wa2 enthusiasts.
I didn't go Strasbourg as a pirglimage.
But, I was be with my friend, as his trip to graduate Eroges.
That's the truth.
I decide I'm going on being favorite wa2 for 10years, other games aren't very attractive,just fa*pable www.

Oh,oh...Other fans were talking with other games through analogy.
I, don't know the reason why, but have fallen into a maze of narrow outlook, like Ms. Mihoko Yada, "...only White Album 2, cannot take apart with you......"
On off-line meetings about wa2, many men mentioned their eager & love, on the other hand, I came to fell that my emotion, eagerness, comprehension are not enough at all..
Thus, when I listen to fans saying "wannnnnna go Strasbourg", can't but feel sorry.

After 2012, growing numbers of wa2 fans by animes, some are planing to pilgrim Strasbourg.
Then, it is pleasure to help them with their trips by this terrible blog.

・・・I'm going to cotinue myself one simple fun.
In 2022, I must go to Strasbourg again, say the following words,
「・・・Bye, good bye, wa2. I've known "you" for 10 years. ・・・You were my joy, happiness, and・・・・・・・・・・・・sadness.」
(cf. ショコラ 〜maid cafe "curio"〜 http://www.amazon.co.jp/%E3%82%B7%E3%83%A7%E3%82%B3%E3%83%A9-~maid-cafe-curio-Re-order~/dp/B0006IX760/ref=pd_cp_sw_3)


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