A pirglim to Nagoya&Noma,
from 「The damon travelling beyond time&space, a puppet of memories&morals, Kuku
A pirglim to Komeda coffee shop in Sugamo,
from「how to bring up the subdued heroine」
A pirglim to one of model univs about "Higashi-Tsumoto univ",
from 「chocolat」
 A pirglim to Toranoana Akihabara C shop,
from「how to bring up the subdued heroine」・・・

If you know all of these sights, you're in sick, Maruto disease.

I dedicate Noma Pirglim to,
Kuko Sonomiya-san、
, with more overwhelming saintness sexalties than even Setsuna Ogiso-san,
though you are not popular in Maruto Heroines,
dedicate Komeda Pirglim to ,
Aki Tomoya, the fu**in* b*star*,
, with expressing our bad points, nurds like me.

・・・If Kuko Sonomiya were to got happiness with Syunsuke, I could give up my dream to have Memoral-Kuku Erogenized.
By way of compensation, Litorapu(Little love rhapsody)would be Erogenized.
If in vain, plz make me create a continuation of Mitsumete=night www
I imagined have a delusion , like say 「Little love rhapsody, boy's side」, cannot made even prots.

追記:Litorapu1 reminds me of Mitsumete-nightamazon, only PSver exists, downlord-ver is not there...), also Litorapu2 does Kuon-no-kizunaUMDver & PS2ver exist).
 (let's see, Aki is going to produce Kuon-no-kizuna・・・)
The two games can't be forgot・・・。
At Mitsumete-night, what the hell, cleared Ann at first...and she has gone from my brain...
At Kuon-no-kizuna, almost gave up writing simple diagrams once.
I won't forget such days...

A Nagoya guidance board in front of JR Nagoya station

「Triton」, on Parfait or on Mamalove

JR Nagoya station, Ogiso clinic's board

by Nagoya Railway Special Express"μ sky" (In the novel, Nagira Railway Special Express "New sky")
as the same way, the very fully-devoted couple, Syunsuke Mishina&Kuko Sonomiya did.
Moreover, completely same in the novel, takes just 30minutes!

in the μsky

Chubu International Airport Centrair
(In the novel, Chukyo International Airport Kantrair)
It is upon a man-made island, in the south of Nagoya, off Tokoname city in Chita peninsula.
(Adding that, can get sights in the airport by google street view.
・・・What a stupid man I am to have taken the trouble to go & to have paid JPY20,000.・・・・・・・・・)

an entrance to Centrair Airport Terminal Bld
(Maruto-sensei discrived the airport with jokes, compared to other more local underpopulated airports, it won't be a joke but sth more serious.)

Just onigiri with fried shrimp, there's no new concept
In spite of in the bld, black saver was shining her eyes, wasn't she?

・・・goods sold in the airport・・・pitiful sight・・・

departure gates

Surely, roads with no running car

caught sight of the opposite shore, not spreading sea with no limit

to Parking number A bld, the farest from terminal bld

a movng sidewalk, little men were using

Parking area, number A bld, which has a rooftop
(Did Ms.Kuko climb on her foot through the red-coloured fire fighting equipment?)

skylights, right above the departure gates
(Is Ms. Kuko there? Ah, In case there, can catch sight of pantsu(パンツ,underware), I must do HARAKIRI, so I wished she wouldn't be there・・・)

a send off deck, surely somehow crowded
(This is on Nourin! tenth episode・・・?)

An observation-decked bathroom, JPY1,000
can see planes and runways from bath
・・・I'm in a mode for"If my heart had wings" www

Maruha dining hall
(On the novel, Maruchi dining hall)

a centrair set lunch in Maruha dining hall

A huge fried shrimp, cannot be a domestic product

Maruto-sensei discrived himself as a non-flying chicken called Nagoya Kohchin, I ate the chicken

Taiwan ramen is far from getting Nagoya-like atmosphere

「Hamamatsu!What prevents you from knowing?」
(It's from "Parfait".I decided to pirglim to Nagoya because the bred is named Parfait.
>< What the fu** I am...

「Beat her, Gram-pus~」
(a big screen, in centrair airport)

「a famous miso cutlet store,the original head shop needs an hour for lunch」
different from the novel, a queue is there

transfer, on my train to Noma

I couldn't reserve a marine product lunch, at Noma's minshuku, private homes providin' dishes and lodging.
It couldn't be helped...I bought a marine product bentoh from Hokkaido in the airport.
It feels as meaninglessly and vanity as having clams from Chita peninsula in a Tsukiji's sushi shop.
(↑from Memoral Kuku volume6)
(注:At first, I planed to stay Noma's minshuku, but needed a resevation before 7days. I wished, at least, to have lunch, however, any minshuku denied...
Without enough time, Pirgliming Noma is more difficult than that of Strasbourg.)

waiting time for a following train
Did Syunsuke&Ms. Kuko transfer on this place?

Chita-Okuda station

(In the novel, Oku-Chita station
なお、One station before, Mihama-Ryokuen station, have sights to sea.)

Noma station

I couldn't find out the model minshuku, to the sea 3minutes on foot.
I wonder if those 6 minshukus of them have a model・・・

Noma shrine is about to fall a victim to Kenshoh Takatsuki・・・!?

entrance of Noma shrine
(Horribleness is Kuko Sonomiya>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ghosts from 800years)

Noma shrine
(There is a dried pond that ancient bushi's(prototype of samurai's) dead head was washed, near the shrine.
 It's needless to say, the bushi's tradition is model about Memoral Ku-ku volume
In the novel, Noma shrine exist by a sea.
As a fiction, Noma shrine & Noma lighthouse is fused in the novel.)

the beach in Noma

Minshuku, nearby the beach

the sea, with dangerous rocks, not Atsumi-san but Kuko-san jumped into
(just before the Noma lighthouse)

the Noma lighthouse

a narrow path, from the mountain to the lighthouse

tetrapods near the beach

Ohsu, red gate street
(In the novel, Koh-su, crimzon gate street)

Second Ameyoko building

Second Ameyoko building, with goods recalling the past

In Second Ameyoko building, attention papers for ......chikan?pervert?
(Ms. Kuko was not a pervert, but a stealer of an Eroge...NOOOOOOOOOO)

Second Ameyoko building, 2F, lost prosperity
(Now shops for clothes are in・・・・・・)

Second Ameyoko building, 3F, Hospital
(From 3decades ago, 3F has been hospital)

A park on the edge of Ohsu
(Was it on the novel・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・?)

fermented soybean paste cutlet Yaba-ton
(Ohsu has the original head shop)

I've pursued these stores for long time...

Chukyo my.com
(In the novel, central my.com)
I bought a wa2 drama CD on Octorber in 2012, brought to Strasbourg as a present.
cost expensive...)

Good Will
(In the novel, BAD LUCK.
I bought a wa2 shirt on Octorber in 2012, brought to Strasbourg as a present.

The store was "comp mart"
(Now this store is "applied", but the top managers are not changed.)
(In the novel, comp load)

Sound plaza Sen-shoh-ji street shop
(In the novel, Dorby Ban-shoh-ji street shop)

kids land
(In the novel, forever land)

Ban-shoh-ji(In the novel, Sen-shoh-ji)
(Look carefuly, and u can get hidden informations related to Memoral Kuku.
 Some wise men have already got it...
In case you don't hit it at all, the trouble is similar.)

Toranoana Nagoya shop has moved to near the Nagoya station
This old shop is to become for lady customers.

Toranoana 4F
(I hope Aki×Hashima route, so this is a sacred place┌(┌^o^)┐ホモォ…)

Komeda Coffee shop In Sugamo
(The Komeda on Anime ver is in Hoya

students from Sugamo station
(Men in Saekano were ...not there......)

(注:I delude myself into thinking that models at Toyogasaki senior high school are Toshimagaoka girls senior high school& Sugamo high school.
Now, I guess the former is possible.
Toshimagaoka is the most improved school for "people to ,what is called Taupe in France" in a decade.

log house styled interior design
Aki-kun said「habitual」, he could be a regular customer to this coffee shop.
(In Sugamo shop, what is called, Madam in Sugamo, exist 2 persons.
Ordinally office workers were many.
Anyway, Sugamo is famous about habits for elderly people.
The shop is the model of that in the novel, I suppose.)

the seat, I guess Aki-kun&Kato-san used

A cup of ice coffee, already sugar is in it, and Morning set

furthermore, fried shrimps

Morning Menu in Komeda Coffee shop, with an Ogura sweet paste topping, need more JPY100
(Later I heard in Nagoya that some Komeda Coffee serve plus buttered bred as a hidden menu.)

shironoire and croquette
(In the novel, shironoire is expressed "Danish pastry with soft cream topping")
[pay attention:Eatin' them all is difficult...may have a stomachache]

Komeda coffee beans is JPY100

one of model univs about "Higashi-Tsumoto univ"(東津本大学), on Chocolat & Promise In the Blue Sky,
had a concert by a pipe organ
("Higashi"(東) is from "To"kyo-Joshi daigaku. (東京女子大学))
("Tsu"(津)is from "Tsu"da-juku daigaku.(津田塾大学))
("Moto"(本)is from Ni"hon"-Joshi daigaku.(日本女子大学))

Akihabara Toranoana C shop
(avoided taking pics inside)

 Yumenosora holdiings, cooperation with Aqua Plus

 Kotora strap collection
(B shop's one was not there, so bought C shop's one.)

2013/11/20, the fifth volume of Saekano was sold on the most touchable space.
And Utako Kasumi Takashi Takeuchi left his autograph.
And the last thing, the shop Megumi Kato visit is Toranoana Ikebukuro, isn't it?

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